Pastoral Notes for Sunday, June 23, 2019

This is an important week in the life of our denomination. The 47th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) convenes this week in Dallas, TX. The General Assembly is the largest annual meeting of the PCA. Pastors and ruling elders from all over the world will gather to conduct the necessary business for the spiritual health and growth of the whole denomination. This week includes:

·      Transacting ecclesiastical (church) business

·      Deliberating and deciding significant theological issues

·      Reviewing the work of the denomination’s ministries

·      Receiving training through seminars

·      Connecting with resources in exhibition halls

·      Networking and fellowship with pastors, churches, seminaries, and other organizations

In addition to me, Cornerstone is sending Rev. Tony Giles and ruling elders Terry Cheney and Jim Payne to represent our church and presbytery at General Assembly. Jim Payne, Terry Cheney, and I were elected by the Nashville Presbytery to serve on General Assembly committees. Jim Payne will be serving on Mission to the World, Terry Cheney on Overtures, and yours truly on Mission to North America.   

Please take time this week to pray for the General Assembly and the PCA. Pray for peaceful proceedings that honor and glorify God. Pray for the health and the growth of the PCA. Pray that we would remain true to stated mission—“Faithful to the Holy Scriptures, True to the Reformed Faith, Obedient to the Great Commission.” 

Before I wrap up, let me share some bittersweet news. Today is Sara Nixon’s last Sunday with us. Sara is a New College Franklin graduate and has served in years past as an intern on staff with Women’s Ministry and Missions. Sara is one of the dearest souls you’ll ever meet, and I know she will be missed by so many of you. Why is Sara leaving? Well, she has a strong desire to serve the church as a missionary. Over the last year, she’s been looking at seminaries for formal training for ministry, and I’m happy to say that Sara has settled on the counseling program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL! In this program, she’ll receive thorough biblical and theological foundations for the work of counseling and discipleship that will equip her for work on the mission field.

As we’ve done previously with others preparing for full time ministry, the elders are partnering with Sara for a percentage of her tuition cost. But, as you know, higher education is expensive. Sara could use the help of her church family, too. If you have a desire to learn more about how you can partner with Sara, feel free to drop her a line at or make a donation online using her Student ID number 000091786. Sara will be stationed out front this morning with a table of information. She would be happy to answer your questions. Let’s pray for our sister as she takes a big step of faith toward God’s call on her life!