Pastoral Notes for Sunday, June 16, 2019

I was so deeply encouraged by the mission report last week in worship. To see folks uproot from their very comfortable middle Tennessee life and make plans to move overseas to serve Jesus Christ is crystal clear evidence of God’s work in our midst. If you would, please intercede for them this week especially. They will be spending the next ten days on the ground visiting three prominent cities. They’ll also be meeting their team for the first time and exploring new opportunities for mission. Thank you for loving and supporting them so far, but let’s go further still. Let’s turn up the volume of prayer this week as they take these big steps of faith.

It’s a joy this week in service to hear from Rebecca Giles. Recognize that last name? I bet you do. Rebecca is Tony and Mary Lynn Giles’ daughter! Since 2015, Rebecca has been serving with Next, Mission to the World’s ministry to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. Her specific role is “Transition Specialist,” helping families navigate cross-cultural transition to and from the mission field through specific care for teenage missionary kids and their families. Rebecca will continue in this role going forward but not in the same location. Rebecca is moving from St. Louis, MO, to St. Andrews, Scotland! Now, some of you hear St. Andrews and think of golf. When Rebecca hears St. Andrews, she thinks of the Chalmers Institute. Why is that? Well, in addition to her ongoing work with Next, Rebecca has accepted a call to be the Director of Operations for the Chalmers Institute. The Chalmers institute provides a rigorous study of theology for European men and women, preparing them to exercise faithful, biblical leadership in the church and in society through discipleship and mission. This morning Rebecca will share more with us about the Chalmers Institute and provide information for how we can support her in the work of mission. Please listen closely to her report and take time to stop by her table out front for more information. You can reach out Rebecca personally by e-mailing her at

 Finally, next Sunday we’ll have the privilege of commissioning a small band of our senior high youth and chaperones for a ten-day mission trip to Uganda. This trip is a capstone to the years these youth have spent serving the Lord in our Youth Ministry at Cornerstone. They will be serving at an orphanage in Uganda and leading a VBS for children. We’re absolutely delighted to be sending them off to serve the Lord abroad in Africa.

Did you catch that? Asia last week, Europe this week, and Africa next week—that’s three continents in three Sundays! Is there anything better than seeing God’s people taking holy risks for the spread of the gospel? Truly, it’s an immense joy to witness, even more to support and send faithful gospel workers into fields ripe for harvest around the world. May the Lord of the harvest be glorified in all this!