- Christian Formation at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church -


Christian formation is the work of God’s Holy Spirit in the lives of his people, slowly growing them into the image and character of Jesus. God does this work by renewing our minds, reordering our loves, and redirecting our lives toward the end of glorifying God.

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Growth into the image of Jesus Christ is a process (sanctification), and it is a gift from the Spirit of God at work in us. Yet we are not passive in this process; we are to cooperate with the Spirit. We have been given several “means of grace”—sources through which the Spirit frequently imparts grace that are designed to help us to mature and deepen our faith in and obedience to God. Two of these means of grace are the reading of God's Word and prayer.

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Both of these should be practiced in community with other believers—as we do in worship on Sunday—but they are also to be part of our daily lives as individuals and as families. No spiritual discipline or practice is the same as godliness. Only the Spirit can breathe life in and through the means of grace, and yet we are most likely to grow in knowledge, godliness, and obedience when we make a solid habit or discipline of practicing the means of grace. 



The Model

Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, practice-based model of Christian formation.

  • The Purpose—The purpose of Christian formation is to become more like Jesus Christ (Col. 1:28, Eph. 3:14-19) 
  • The Power—The power for Christian formation is the gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16, 1 Cor. 1:18) 
  • The Practices—The practices of Christian formation are the means of grace (2 Tim. 1:13, Matt. 28:18-20) 





The Practices

Cornerstone wants all people to experience the joy and peace of union with Jesus Christ. We pray that as we follow Jesus together, we will all become more like Him. To that end, we strive to create ministry environments where the means of grace are faithfully administered and accessible to God’s people and thus favorable for spiritual growth. In studying the Bible’s teaching and the historic tradition of the church, we began to see a collection of spiritually helpful practices—eight in total—that are favorable for spiritual growth. As you might expect, many of the eight practices we are already cultivating at Cornerstone, but there are several more we would like to see take shape in the days and years to come. Rest easy, you do not need to begin all eight practices at once. Start by choosing one or two that are new to you and letting these be your focus. Let us help you get started as an individual or a family.


Corporate Practices

Common worship. We gather together weekly to worship God and, through His Spirit, re-centering our lives in Jesus Christ.
Education. We learn together and wrestle with all that the Bible's message means for our everyday lives.
Small groups. We meet with other Christians, becoming friends and helping each other to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Individual Practices 

Reading the Bible daily and prayer. We read through all of God’s Word together as a church, allowing this to change us and help us grow. In prayer, we commune with God, bringing each day’s joys and needs to the God who cares for us.
Sabbath. We rest from our work and celebrate our new life in Jesus Christ.
Spiritual Mentoring. We intentionally pursue conformity to Jesus Christ in every area of life through the means of a gospel friendship. 
Retreats. We pull away for a short time to reflect upon our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with others in order to reenter life
Service. As we serve others, we also grow in our discipleship as Christians. This service can take as many forms as we have opportunities to see where others need help.