"Culture and the arts are an overflow of what it is that people believe. As Christians, we have the joy of tending, cultivating, and pursuing the beautification of the earth for the sake of people to the glory of God. Part of taking dominion over the earth is to adorn time, color, movement, language, sound, etc. with the glory of the gospel."

- Gregory Wilbur, Worship Director


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God is a creator and He has gifted His people with the desire to create.

Enjoying those things that are beautiful, well-crafted, and artfully formed helps us to understand more of God’s nature and character. In addition, working with the materials that God has made, we can rejoice in the ordering of those resources through the arts—color, movement, sound, time, language. This conviction shows up in the excellent but accessible music that we sing on Sunday mornings, where we keep beauty and aesthetics as part of our consideration. But we also enjoy exploring other realms of the arts through monthly literature discussions, regular film nights, trips to concerts, encouraging the visual arts, and hosting musical groups or ensembles.

Christianity has a long history of fostering the arts, and we want to more fully understand, embrace, and participate and continue this rich legacy.

The Means

  • Community Book Discussions every other month

  • Community Film Discussions every other month

  • Periodic concerts, lectures, etc

The Goal

Our desire is to provide events to help folks see the beauty of Christ more clearly in the things that we make as sub-creators and to engage the broader community with the significant questions that the arts raise but that can only be answered in Christ.