Pastoral Notes for Sunday, August 25, 2019

We announced a month ago that the elders extended a call to Rev. Ben Griffith to be an Assistant Pastor at Cornerstone. As you might imagine, Ben and his wife, Rebecca, have been busy making all the necessary preparations for the big move to Franklin—selling a home, buying a home, packing, registering for school, etc. Thankfully, if all goes according to plan, the preparation to move stage will end this week. Lord willing, the Griffith’s will close on their house in Franklin and move this week!

 As they take this big step, continue praying for them. Pray practically for the details of the closing and move to go smooth. But more importantly, pray for their hearts. They are leaving a sweet community in Hattiesburg, MS, and it’s hard to say so many tearful goodbyes and turn around and say many excited hellos. Pray especially for their sweet children—Margaret (10), Owen (8), and Elizabeth “Libby” (5). They will see Franklin and their new home for the first time this week! Pray their first few days in Franklin are filled with surprising joys and new anticipations.

Thanks to the many of you who have asked what you can do to welcome the Griffith’s to Franklin and Cornerstone. My wife, Christy, has pulled together a team of folks that are preparing meals and helping care for the needs of the Griffith’s during the transition. If you are interested in being included in some way, feel free to drop Christy a line at

As we prepare for Ben to join the pastoral staff, it’s appropriate to ask the question, “What exactly will Ben be doing?” Like Tony and I, Ben’s first and primary responsibility will be to care for the flock of God at Cornerstone. He will spend the majority of his time ministering the ordinary means of grace—teaching, preaching, leading, and discipling the congregation at large. Ben will spend a smaller, more concentrated portion of his time serving our youth ministry, primarily through equipping and training volunteers, ministering to families, and teaching on Wednesday nights.

One of the many things that drew us to Ben was his desire and gifting to work with the whole church in a variety of different capacities. You will see Ben in the pulpit, behind the lectern, in a small group, at a hospital bedside, across the table at Merridee’s, and just about everywhere in between. He strives to be a pastor who serves God’s people according to the priorities of the Bible, believing that happens most effectively when the shepherd is with the sheep. I am personally delighted at Ben’s eagerness to get-to-know you and throw himself into the work of ministry at Cornerstone, so that we might further our mission: “To glorify God in the gospel together as disciples who make disciples.”