Pastoral Notes for Sunday, August 18, 2019

With the start of the fall term of Sunday School ministries, I’ve asked the various leaders of these discipleship ministries to give us a preview of what is coming up during the next few months.

Children’s Sunday School: The children’s Sunday school classes will study a variety of topics this fall and throughout the school year. Our youngest children will be learning about how God created all things and about the promises God has given his people to redeem the world. The younger elementary classes will be studying what worship is and why we worship. The older elementary classes will study and memorize the New City Catechism with the goal of learning sound doctrine and biblical truths. The 6th graders will complete a New Testament survey throughout the course of the year. We are so thankful for great teachers and materials to help our children grow in their faith. 

Koinonia Class: For the Fall, The Koinonia Class will continue our discussion of Romans—currently about half way through. We plan to join the Chapel Class for the Aging Matters class from October 13- November 10.

 Chapel Class and Youth: In this seven-week series, entitled Upon This Rock: Foundations for Life Together Pastor Nate with others from the church staff are returning to our key vision and value commitments; that we might renew our commitment to God’s glorious vision for the church. These topics will be taught to adults in the Chapel Class and to the Youth at Merridees at the same time.

The Gospel Centered Life: Keeping First Things First 

Going the Next Step: Applying the Gospel to the Heart 

The Body of Christ: How the Gospel Builds Community 

Christ’s Church, Christ’s Way: Trusting the Means of Grace 

A Worshipping Community: Praising the God of the Gospel  

A Discipling Community: Growing Together in the Gospel  

A Missional Community: Living for the Spread of the Gospel

 Following this series, the Youth will proceed with a study on their own, and the Chapel class will start a series on Aging Matters.

Chapel Class and Koinonia Class—October 13-November 10

“Guidance from God (and advice from one another) for engaging with our aging” 

That’s a modified line from the sub-title of J.I. Packer’s excellent book entitled Finishing Our Course with Joy.  It’s also an apt description of a brief series Aging Matters, October 13 - November 10.

You will hear from a variety of presenters from our church family covering such matters as biblical principles for finishing well, estate planning and wills, funerals and end-of-life decisions. This will benefit you personally or as one of those helping aging parents address these important matters. Aging is a reality to both embrace and (yes) enjoy, for as Psalm 92 teaches us, the righteous still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green.