Pastoral Notes for Sunday, June 2, 2019

As we transition from the spring to summer season for Sunday school, this is a good opportunity to show gratitude for the volunteers from the past months and to highlight what was taught and what is upcoming for the summer season. We wanted you to hear from the various Sunday morning discipleship ministries:


Nursery—Christy Shurden, Coordinator

The nursery Sunday school consists of caring and playing with the children. During their snack time, we read a bible story and sing songs. The children know the routine and love it! Volunteers for the nursery are: Missy Chapman, Katie Patton, George Reitz, Kristin Lee, Celeste Nichols, Kevin McClung, Jessica Michaud, Cindi Wolk, Carolyn Vermilye, Bonnie Snyder, Julie Kesler, Colleen McGarry, Debi Haggard, Mark Haggard, Peggy Mueller, Suzann Allen, Karen Holland, Becky Payne, Laura Coughlin,  Lindsey Elliott, Karen Koellein, Rachael Zecher, Jan Norris, Sue Steffens, Bob Wolk, Eleanor Ware, Lisa Fiedler, Gari Vernier, Kristen Oakerson, Alli Faulk, Mary Lynn Giles, Dan Fiedler, Katie Ewing, Meredith Suits, Julia Morton, Joanie Pittman, Lauren Smith, Barbie Bankes, Martha Brooks, Poppy Driskell, Kristin Diggs, Shari Black.


Elementary—Meredith Suits, Director

Here are our volunteers for the 2018-19 school year: 

PreK leaders: Joe and Joy Marlo, PreK assistant: Gari Vernier, K/1 leader: Katie Patton, K/1 assistant: Katie Ewing, 2/3 leader: Ellie Terrell, 2/3 assistant: Anneke Seely , 4/5 leader: Dave Raymond, 4/5 assistant: Gwen Smith, 6 leader: Charlotte Robinson, 6 assistant: Mary Lynn Giles 

Our children’s Sunday school classes have had a wonderful year learning about God and studying the Bible together. We are blessed with thoughtful and energetic teachers who do everything from playing games and singing songs with our littlest children to studying catechism questions and curiously exploring the Bible in new ways. Students are learning to pray for each other in class, and we have sweet stories of students praying for their teachers and building important relationships within our church community. Our teachers are planting seeds in their young hearts, and we are so thankful for the time our teachers invest in our children. Many of the teachers will be returning this summer, as well as a few new volunteers, and we hope that our summer session will bring just as many joyful moments. 


Youth—Randy Allen

The following folks taught youth during the 2018-2019 year: Nancy Guthrie, Dan Apple, Randy Allen, Will Kesler, Preston Brooks, Nate Shurden, Jim Payne, Tony Giles, Barbara Cheney, Matt Suits, Steve Green, Jay Williams, Kent Coughlin, Marty Smith, John Millard, Matt Michaud, Gene King, Jerry Palmer, Allison Millard, Taylor Thompson, Sara Nixon.

Continuing our series on teaching the Bible, the 7-9th grade covered Proverbs through Malachi.  The 10-12th grade covered II Corinthians through Jude.  This summer all the students will be learning the book of Revelation.  Special thanks to all of our teachers who made the trip over to Merridees, and for the prayers and the preparation that you did.


Koinonia—Larry Thompson, Coordinator

The Koinonia SS Class welcomes adults of all ages.  It is a Bible discussion/fellowship class led by various members and special guests.  Discussions over the past year have included the Westminster Confession of Faith, Biblical figures from the Hall of Faith (Hebrews Chapter 11), topical subjects (What do the scriptures say about ___?), and most recently and ongoing, a discussion of the Book of Romans. Guiding principles are the inerrancy of the scriptures in the original and 2 Timothy 3:16.   

Discussion leaders included Larry Thompson, Terry Cheney, Bob Vermilye, Mark Haggard, Joe Haworth, Kent Coughlin, Nate Shurden, Emil Posavac, George Rietz, & others.


Chapel Class—Tony Giles, Coordinator

Objectives: Biblical teaching and dialogue on topics selected from Cornerstone’s adult education curriculum 


2018- 2019 classes included

Doctrine of Salvation (Kent Coughlin) 

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering (Tony Giles)

A Short History of Church Music (Greg Wilbur)

Neighboring Franklin (Todd Russell & Tony Giles) 

Mindscape: What to think about instead of worrying; a study of Philippians 4:8  (Andrew Boswell & Tony Giles)


Each short series has been rooted in Cornerstone’s Christian Formation and a balanced emphasis on 

Head (doctrinal clarity; world and life view)

Heart (worship and faith) 

Hands (mercy and love