Pastoral Notes for Sunday, February 17, 2019

A few weeks ago, our sister, Rachel Warhurst, reported in service about the amazing work of Raising the Roof Academy in Uganda, Africa. Many of you were moved by her testimony and responded by joining RTR’s educate1 campaign. I’m pleased to report that we sponsored 23 children through RTR! Way to go church! Please continue to pray for Rachel and the ministry of RTR as the school year gets underway in Uganda.

Also, several of you noted how much you enjoyed hearing from Rev. Josh Reiger and the church planting efforts in Hexham, England, a few weeks ago. Josh sent me a thank you note recently; in it he raved about his experience at Cornerstone. He specifically noted the warm welcome he and Gina and the kids received from you, including your eagerness to pray for and support their work. Again, way to go church!

On the other side of this sheet, you will find a dozen different ways to draw closer to the Lord and in fellowship with the Cornerstone family. The February 28th Women at the Mercantile meeting, or March 2nd Men’s retreat, or Midweek @ Cornerstone starting March 6th are just a few of the many upcoming gatherings designed to nurture your spiritual life and tighten the bonds of fellowship. Please avail yourself of these opportunities, especially as we enter the high holy days of Lent and Easter. 

One particular opportunity I want to make sure you’ve circled on the calendar is Steve Green’s Concert for Cornerstone on March 31st at 6pm at the Academy Park Performing Arts Center next to the Williamson County Library. Steve is pulling out all the stops for us—inviting a host of his musically talented friends for a glorious night of singing, storytelling, and rejoicing in the Lord. This is a special Cornerstone concert, which is why YOU are getting first dibs on tickets. Can you believe the deal? Only $5! We’re waiting on Academy Park to give us the green light for ticket sales. As soon as they do, we’ll get that information to you. Seating is limited, and the tickets will go fast. So make plans to purchase your tickets as soon as they come available.

As fun as this concert is going to be (and it is going to be so, so fun!), it is tinged with some sadness. The Lord brought Steve and Marijean Green to Cornerstone in 2014. Then, almost three years ago, Steve was nominated and elected elder at roughly the same time Marijean became co-leader over women’s ministry. In the last three years, I’m not sure anyone has poured more into the life of Cornerstone than these two. Truly, they have been such a gift to our fellowship.

About six months ago, Steve and Marijean came to the office to talk about what the Lord was stirring in their heart, namely, moving from Franklin to Atlanta, GA, to be closer to and serve their family in the next season of life. As they recounted God’s providence, and their own prayerful walk through the decision, it was difficult to argue with their conclusion, though everything in me wanted to! Since that time, God has increasingly confirmed his direction—that He has a new mission for our brother and sister in Atlanta. We’re going to have the privilege of hearing from the Greens on Sunday, March 17 in worship as they share a testimony of God’s work in their lives. Please remember our brother and sister in prayer as they draw this season in Franklin to a close and make preparations for moving to Atlanta later this spring.