Pastoral Notes for Sunday, October 6, 2019

First of all, what a treat it was to gather last Saturday for the fall Cornerstone picnic. Though the temperature wasn’t quite as cool as we hoped, the food was delicious, the kids had a blast, and the fellowship was sweet. A BIG “thank you” to our Hospitality Team for their hard work, especially Missy Chapman and Sharon Haney! We couldn’t have done it without your faithful labors.

Then, on Sunday, after a glorious morning of worship, we closed the Lord’s Day with Rev. Ben Griffith’s installation service. And what a great celebration it was! Rev. Matt Bradley from All Saints Presbyterian Church in Brentwood and Rev. Casey Cramer from Christ Community Church in Franklin delivered wise and tender charges to the Session of Cornerstone and to Rev. Ben Griffith respectively. It was also a delight it to have Rev. Brian Phillips from Parish Presbyterian Church and Rev. Vinny Athey, RUF at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, serve on the commission. (Vinny is Ben Griffith’s brother in law!)  

And, how about that reception? I told you it was going to be good. Christy Shurden and a host of Cornerstone ladies outdid themselves, which is saying something. They certainly pulled together quite the feast. David Steffens and our deacons were all hands on deck, making sure the tent was up, lights were strung, and the grounds were in good order for the festivities. Thanks to all of you! You’re the best. You really are.

Seeing you all under the tent with the cascading glow of light spilling over the grounds, listening to the squeals of children playing, and the laughter of saints enjoying true fellowship around a feast for the ages was a vision for me—a vision of what the church is to be about. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in that thought. A number of you have said that the installation service and reception was one of the most spiritually edifying events you’ve ever been a part of in a long time. Indeed it was; a real glimpse into the glory the church is destined for, a true foretaste of our future life together before the throne of grace.