Pastoral Notes for August 5, 2018

Genesis, as the name indicates, is a book of beginnings. To be specific, it’s a book of three beginnings. First, there is the beginning of the world and the human race with Adam.  Second, there is the second beginning of the post-diluvian world with Noah. And finally, there’s the so-called “third beginning” of the world with the establishment of a chosen people of God with Abraham. 

From January to May of this year, we forged our way through the majesty and mystery of Genesis 1-11, the first two of the beginnings in Genesis. Today, we’re beginning again, for the third time. And this beginning is an entering into what Arthur Pink says is “…a preface, not only to the remaining 29 chapters of Genesis, but also to the entire Old Testament, and, we may add, of the Bible as a whole.” Said differently, Genesis 12-23 is so important to redemptive history that it’s impossible to overestimate. For it’s here, through the life and legacy of Abraham, that the life and legacy of faith comes to us in Jesus Christ. That in some very real sense, the beginning of true faith starts here with the ancient patriarch, Abraham, who is himself the father of all who believe (Romans 4:16).

To prepare your heart for this glorious journey, you will find a breakdown of the Genesis sermon series for this fall. Let me encourage you to prepare each week for worship by pausing on Saturday evening and reading the text for Sunday morning’s worship. In addition to reading, please pray for worship each week. Ask the Lord to accomplish his good and perfect will as we gather together in His presence week after week! 

New Beginnings: A Study of Genesis

·      August 5 – Genesis 12:1-9, “The Call of Faith”

·      August 12 – Genesis 12:10-20, “The Struggle of Faith”

·      August 19 – Genesis 13, “Choose Wisely”

·      August 26 – Genesis 14:1-16, “Abram Rescues Lot”

·      September 2 – Genesis 14:17-24, “The Blessing of Melchizedek”

·      September 9 – Genesis 15, “The Abrahamic Covenant”  

·      September 16 – Genesis 16, “Sarai and Hagar”

·      September 23 – Genesis 17, “The Covenant Sign”

·      September 30 – Genesis 18:1-15, “No Laughing Matter”

·      October 7 – Genesis 18:16-33, “Will the Judge of Earth do Justly?”

·      October 14 – Genesis 19, “God, the Rescuer”

·      October 21 – Genesis 20, “Fear God, Not Man”

·      October 28 – Genesis 21, “The Promised Son!”  

·      November 4 – Genesis 22, “Tested and Tried”  

·      November 11 – Genesis 23, “The Death of Sarah”

But there’s one more thing. Don’t leave this morning without picking up our newly published devotional guides! This edition of the devotional guide has daily prayer services that can be used personally or for family worship. It also has daily Scripture readings that pace with the themes of the sermon series, which helps keep what you learned on Sunday near to your heart Monday through Saturday. As always, the devotional guides are FREE for the taking at both entrances to the church.