Pastoral Notes for Sunday, May 6, 2018

Changes are underway!

As you arrived at church today, you may have noticed that a few more of our beautiful stained glass windows were removed this week for restoration. The restoration will take an estimated eight weeks. If everything stays on course, the windows should be back in place by July.

You might have also noticed some upgrades to the landscape, especially across the front and side of the chapel. The new flowerbeds and bushes are just the beginning of the big plans the landscaping team has in store! To let you further in on the “resurrection story” that’s begun with the landscape, Ruling Elder Joe Haworth and I are going to talk through the vision for the landscape and how you can partner with us. Stay tuned!

Through your faithfulness in giving, we’ve been able to more than manage the regular repairs on the chapel as a part of our normal budget. Moreover, the Lord has provided ample resources, through your generosity, to take on several small upgrades around the building as well as contribute substantially to increases in ministry—including new staff positions and the new church plant in Spring Hill. We are so very blessed.

The time has come, however, for us to move forward with several substantial upgrades. Here are four upgrades we are in the midst of or looking to do in the days ahead:

·      Stained Glass Windows – Thanks to designated gifts over the last year, we were able to get the four windows facing Church St. restored. We need roughly $46,000 additional dollars to finish the stain glass restoration.

·      Louvered Wooden Panels – In the chapel tower, you’ll notice that the white wooden panels are deteriorated and need to be repaired and replaced. This project is roughly $5000.

·      Landscaping – If we were to address the need for beautification, child safety, and outside fellowship gathering space, the total cost would be somewhere in the range of $120,000-150,000   

·      Chapel Lighting – We need to replace or augment the lighting in the chapel to increase visibility and maintain a pleasing worshipful environment. One lighting technician has evaluated the chapel already. We do not yet have a firm estimate on the cost, but we anticipate receiving one very soon. 

If you take all these projects together, we’re in the neighborhood of $170,000-220,000. That’s a lot of money! Presently, we are unable to meet the needs of these larger projects through our regular budget. This morning we’re asking you to pray with us about all these needs, as together we look to the Lord to provide all we need—in His time and in His way. Further, we ask you to consider giving over and above your tithe to help provide the funds needed for these important projects. In a very real sense, we’re inviting you to join a new “resurrection story,” trusting the God who owns everything will give us all the life we need for the long-term growth and health of Cornerstone!