Pastoral Notes for Sunday, December 24, 2017

 “Here is the answer to the human predicament, the solution to our slavery to sin and our separation from God. God bridged the gap by coming from heaven to earth. This is how much the mighty God cares about us. Love was when God spanned the gulf. Love was when God become man. Love was when God surprised those he had created by being born as one of them—as a baby.”—Alistair Begg

“Filling the world,

He lies in a manger.

Ruler of the stars

He nurses at his mother’s bosom.

He is both great in the nature of God,

And small in the form of a servant.”

St. Augustine



“Perhaps this Christmas you feel your hold on faith is weak and faltering. That may be so. But Christ’s hold on you is firm and sure. He left the glory of heaven to rescue the people the Father had given him. And he will not lose any. He will not lose you—not if you’ve been given to him by the Father.”—Tim Chester


“Moonless darkness stands between.

Past, O Past, no more be seen!

But the Bethlehem star may lead me

To the sight of Him who freed me

From the self that I have been.


Make me pure, Lord: Thou are holy;

Make me meek, Lord: Thou wert lowly;

Now beginning, and always:

Now begin,

On Christmas Day.”

—Gerard Manley Hopkins


“Christmas means that, through the grace of God and the incarnation, peace with God is available; and if you make peace with God, then you can go out and make peace with everybody else. And the more people who embrace the gospel do that, the better off the world is. Christmas, therefore, means the increase of peace—both with God and between people—across the face of the world.”—Timothy Keller



I in him surrender

to the crush and cry of birth.

Because eternity

was closeted in time

He is my open door to forever.”

Luci Shaw