Pastoral Notes - Sunday, October 15th, 2017

If all has gone according to plan, I’m tucked away somewhere deep in the Rocky Mountains with my wife, Christy, and my 12-year old daughter, Katie, this morning. As some of you know, sweet Katie turned 12 last week, and when you turn 12 in the Shurden household, you get to do something special—you get to take a trip with Dad and Mom to somewhere in the U.S. for a few days.

Katie loves horses and spending time in nature, and so as we began to talk with her about a trip, she thought a few days on a dude ranch sounded like a great way to ring in #12. So, about six months ago, we booked a long weekend at Lost Valley Ranch in Sedalia, CO. If you’re reading this on Sunday morning, we’re likely a bit sore from the weekend of trail rides and square dances. But more than physical soreness, I trust we’re full of thanksgiving for the time we shared and the memories we made celebrating the life of Katie.

Before I go, I want to give you a quick financial update. Our budget year as a congregation runs from July 1 to June 30. That means we’ve just closed out the first quarter of the 2017-2018 budget year, and we want to keep you up to speed on our fiscal health as a congregation. Below you will find a breakdown of where things stand financially at present. Please take time to review it and feel free to e-mail our Office Administrator, Susan Bumpus, at, if you have any particular questions.